Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ouakhen Exterior Detailing Pt.2

I've essentially finished detailing the small fishing village of Ouakhen, it's just a matter of refraining from going back and adding more stuff. I have to limit myself otherwise this'll never get done!

I figured I would post some screenshots to show what I did. So, here they are.


  1. I, I.... Are those guards wearing their equipment on their backs? D:
    Is that a separate mod or a part of whatever you are doing?

    When I play Morrowind again, I want my stuff on my back when not doing stuff.

  2. Right now it's just eye candy. I haven't attached any scripts to make the equipment actively react to weapons being drawn, etc. Though such a thing could certainly be done, and I may do so when I get to the scripting ;)

    I also love having stuff on my and NPC's backs, just looks awesome.