Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Old mods

A while back, I found a large group of old mods which I have never finished. They range from a cozy room for the Temple Patriarch to a sprawling desert occupied by nomadic Khajiit. I wanted to see how they all looked in game with MGE shaders. The nostalgia flooded in as I explored my own creations. Keep in mind that these were made over 6 years ago, contemporary with and older than my Leijing Hill mod; it's too bad I don't still have the ones which are even older!

I took some screenshots of my exploration which you can see below. I've also given short explanations for everything. I hope you enjoy this little trip down my memory lane!

Fort Westmoth, Khuul

This mod added a legion garrison to Khuul. This mod was interesting because I made it before I knew how to edit or create pathing grids. So I tried to corral all the NPCs using invisible barriers like the ones used during CharGen. It made navigating the narrow streets pretty tricky.