Tuesday, June 17, 2014


After Moranar and Bahamut introduced new character models to Morrowind, I had a change of heart over the NPCs in my mod. Before I was going to just keep it vanilla and the Chimer were going to have stock head meshes and body meshes and have textures based on the vanilla resolution. However, I just finished updating them to use Robert's body and Westly's heads. If Robert's body models end up being too problematic due to incompatibilities with BB meshes, it would be a simple thing to downgrade, but I don't intend to. Moranar has already made a patch for Better Clothes for Robert's body. And a patch for Better Armor is in the works so I do not have any concerns over major incompatibilities.

But before I ramble on forever, take a look at the new Chimer and let me know what you think! Nothing too flashy, I tried to make them look like Aldmer with a splash of newly developing Dunmer culture. I haven't yet decided if the men should get goatees...