Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Still Alive" Update

It's been ages since I've posted on here (I think that nearly a year counts as at least an age in blogging). So I thought I'd post an update for some of the more recent things I've been working on in this time frame. I've released a plethora of little mods, started a couple more large projects, and continued on the old projects. I might have modding ADD.

So let's see what's up:

Umbra, Blademaster

I wanted to give Umbra a bit more flair, visually. So I've given him some new weapons, scripted combat abilities, custom armor, and some previous victims, fallen at his hand.


Unique Eltonbrand

Fallen One made an amazing Goldbrand replacer. I wanted Eltonbrand to match his visually, but be unique in hue. So I did a quick edit of the texture and then tweaked the material settings of the sword in Nifskope. The result was a lightning elementally themed katana.

New Starfields

Hicks233 inspired me to try my hand at making a new night sky for Morrowind. It ended up blowing up into several new night skies. These are a simple replacer which I feel can add an ethereal effect to your night. Many of these go best with some .ini edits to tweak the nighttime "sunlight" settings to match the general color of of the sky. For example, I've tweaked my .ini to have a faint violet colored sunlight at night to reflect the starlight. But, take a look for yourself:

Dahrk's Super-Sized Storage (D'sSSS)

Inspired by the way Oblivion and Skyrim handle containers, I decided to systematically increase the capacity on all non-flora containers by a factor of 100x. This mod is currently in a beta state and it will likely conflict with many mods. So, be sure to run it before most other mods to ensure it doesn't overwrite changes from other plugins. Note that a tool is in the works which will automate the process of creating a "container_weight_patch.esp" for you. A big thank you to john.moonsugar on his work on the patcher. It's gonna be awesome when it's ready for use.

White Suran 2 - MD Edition

Basswalker made a great replacer for the architecture in Suran. Turning it into the white, gleaming Pearl of the Ascadian Isles. However, his version didn't include the interiors! So I have created a custom tileset to match the new exteriors and replaced all of the interiors in Suran as well as making a couple patches for a few mods in the city.

Melchior's Mudcrab Merchant

Ever wondered why the Mudcrab merchant looked exactly like a regular mudcrab? Ever wanted him to suck on a pipe? Perhaps now you do? Well, I made this mod with those thoughts in my mind, and largely inspired by LeKsoTiger's amazing art. So now the slurring mudcrab merchant gets a pipe and a swanky new shell!

Mallorn Trees in Morrowind

This was something I made for a project at University in a class on Tolkien. We were allowed to make any sort of art we wanted to convey a theme in the trilogy or The Silmarillion. So, naturally, I gravitated to Morrowind. For those who don't know what a Mallorn tree is, look here. This mod includes both a playable version and a resource.

Dunmer Lantern Replacer

I was inspired to make a replacer for the globular dunmer lantern and it ended up blowing into a much larger replacer for the lanterns. There are several versions of some of the lanterns so take a look for yourself, for what you might like best.

Anteres' Creatures Integration

Arcimaestro Anteres has made a bunch of awesome creatures for morrowind. Many of them he implemented as one time encounters. But I wanted to see them more than that. So I have taken several and integrated them into the game better. Placing new leveled creature spawn points and editing existing leveled lists. Not all of his creatures have been added, and this is a work in progress, so more will be coming when I get around to it. Details on what's been changed are in the ReadMe. Note that this doesn't replace Anteres' .esp's; it's meant to compliment them!

Forge of Hilbongard

I like unique things, if you haven't noticed by now. Unique things that add to the immersion I feel in the game. That's what sparked this mod. The Forge of Hilbongard was already an interesting location, but I wanted to make it better. I honestly didn't change much. That floating chest? It's held up by chains now and has a unique mesh.

Quorn Resource Integration

Last but not least, this mod does exactly what its title implies. Quorn released a lot of resources for Morrowind but never really added them to the game (for the most part). This mod of mine seeks to seamlessly integrate them into the game by adding his armor to NPCs, by hand, and adding his creatures to appropriate leveled lists and some other small changes. If you want some lore friendly armor and creatures in your game, I think you'll enjoy this mod.

Mageographic Influences

This one is still a serious work in progress. I have released the first portion of it which adds some weather, racial, and time specific magical abilities. There's really too much to talk about here, so just go visit the thread if you're interested in learning more.

Lyithdonea: The Azurian Isles

Work on Lyithdonea still progresses as I have the inclination to work on it. Gearmaster and several others have graciously donated some interiors to help me along. And I've done more exterior work, and a LOT of cleaning up of old meshes I made. But not too much work that has been screenshot worthy. Don't forget to check out the forum thread for discussion and in case I forget to post updates here!

Of Ash and Blight

Is my other major work in progress. It's essentially focused on making Morrowind a dangerous and alien place, taking heavy inspiration from pre-release information and concept art. For more information, go to the forum thread!

That's pretty much it; I've been doing other things here and there. Mostly helping other people out with meshes they need and such. And some other secret projects. But this is the brunt of it. Thanks for reading! Or glancing. Or whatever made you happy.

Happy 2013!

Melchior Dahrk

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