Friday, March 16, 2012

Exterior work and new temple design

After a long hiatus filled with college and a lack of inspiration. I've finally picked this project up again, and I am loving it just as much as I did before!

I've made a decent amount of progress in just 4 hours or so and I wanted to share so that people know that I'm still progressing with this, and making some realistic downsizes to the project such as removing one major city which was pointless and wasn't going to work well with the game engine anyway.

So here's the great House Azura's magnificent temple built to rival White-Gold itself! (along with some scenery I've been working on; made to look well with MGE and without).

The poor fps is just my laptop not running the game well. That's the FPS I get everywhere with MGE active :P


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  2. Grrr ! No edit option ! Oh well , deleted rather than edited and so : glad you got some more done . Have you been inspired to do some more on this spectacular mod ? Love everything I've seen so far . CrazyGreggy .

  3. I've been distracted by other things; but I have done more work since this last post. And I still do things here and there on it. Once I get some other things out of the way and things settle down at home, I hope to get this back in full swing. I have a lot of interiors to finish and lots of people offering to help me with them. But a lack of organization and planning on my part hasn't enabled me to accept many offers as of yet.

    I really appreciate your interest Greggy! And enough to come post on my humble blog too :D

  4. Oh wow. Stumbled upon this blog after finding it on Praedator's blog. Great find! This is pretty amazing looking. I love the look of that temple, though the interior to that building looks like it might take a long time to create.

  5. Thanks! I'm happy you found my little hole in the wall. And yes, the interior to that building will be impressive. The exterior might still change a bit before I get to it; but we'll see where it goes. I'm currently working on fleshing out that city.

  6. Nice and intersting, sound like with TR compatibility it will be quite an add to the gameworld.

    Also, as to team work, you might want to have a look over the TES board for "version control", a function of the TESC who is not that well know and help on the trakking issue ;)

    Courage a toi.

    1. Hmm, definitely never heard of version control from the CS? I currently am doing a decent job of archiving old version by date.

      Thanks for the interest!!