Monday, February 24, 2014

Sigil Golem

As I get closer to a beta release of Lyithdonea, the creatures players will encounter there has become one of my focuses.

The Sigil Golem is a shrine guardian construct of Daedric origin which can be found in the Daedric shrines in Lyithdonea. He has a sigil stone for a face and doesn't take kindly to robbers trying to mess around in his ruins. I've created a short video to showcase the creature which you can view below!

I think he turned out fairly well, but you'll be able to see him for yourself soon since I'm working towards a beta release this Spring!


  1. Holy crap, how awesome is that? I see that you're using the animation set of Vivec. Impressive to say the least. Mind sharing how you got to model a creature to use an existing animation set? That's something I tried to figure out for some time now, since my modelling capabilites are more than limited.

    1. Well, the method I used here is pretty simple. Vivec and a few other animated "creatures" of the humanoid type (Almalexia, Skeleton, Corprus Stalker, etc) have animations which are compatible with the NPC/Player skeletons.

      So, you can take a mesh which is already skinned (such as a robe, or the BB model) and paste it into the .nif file of one of those creatures.