Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post, the First

I decided to start this blog because my last attempt at maintaining my own website strayed off and blogging seems simpler. I plan on using this blog to show work in progress screenshots of my mod and to discuss my modding in general.

Don't expect regular updates. Though I do hope to provide updates here fairly often, since I went to the trouble of setting this thing up! If you're interested, subscribe. That way you'll see when I post something new.

I also figured I might as well test out posting images through posts as well. In case you hadn't seen these images before, this is a model made by Chainy (from a reference I gave him) and textured by me. It will be featured in my mod as an artifact of Azura. The wire-frame shot was included in case anyone wanted to see what the textures added to the model. I'm still working on my own modeling skills so I can whip something like this out as quickly as Chainy did.

Nightshade, Daedric Artifact (Day)

Nightshade, Daedric Artifact (Night)

Model wire-frame

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